CLASSIFIEDS--local (Alberta)only

Too many spools of chartreuse and puce thread? 90bajillian metres of pink polka dot and grey turtle fabric that you can't use? An annotated edition of Anon E Mouse's first show catalogue circa 1962? A tassel flinger accessory that doesn't fit *your* tassel flinger?

This page is for those of you who are clearing studios and stashes of extraneous, un-used and un-needed items. Please contain and limit this to equipment (looms, sergers, sewing machines, tassel flingers, etc), supplies (fabric, threads, notions, beads, baubles, bits and deelybobs etc) and books (DVD's, magazines etc.), no finished items or links to shops. If you have an item to sell, trade or give away, please contact ( Lesley) ljbarnes at telus dot net or (arlee) arlee dot ar at gmail dot com . Photos and clear descriptions please, along with price or trade value, and contact email which the seller agrees in writing that their email can be posted (or phone number) and the syntax that should appear.

Listings will appear for one month and be removed after that time frame unless we hear from the seller who wishes to having the listing longer. There is no cost to you for this, and it's a great way to clear your space, and let someone else benefit from your "extras". Buyers and sellers will privately arrange sales agreements and exchanges of goods and coin please.


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