Friday, November 18, 2016

Claire Benn Workshop notice

SAVE THE DATE - Claire Benn is coming to Calgary

This is an advance notice of Claire Benn’s 2017 Calgary class. Please checkout the link to read about Claire:

Date: June 14 to 17, 2017  Set up will be in the afternoon and evening of June 13 so that we are ready to begin on the morning of the 14th.
Hours: 9 to 4 will be the hours of instruction. The facility will be available most evenings to work later.
Fee: $800
 First payment: January 15, 2017  $400 The first payment is non refundable . If life happens, and you are stuck your spot may be sold to someone else.
Second payment: : April 15, 2017  $400

If we have surplus funds, the remainder will be re-distributed back to the participants.
Class size: 12 to 14 maximum

To take full advantage of Claire’s class it is important that you have a working knowledge of working with Procion MX dyes. This class is not suitable for a beginner. Techniques will be demonstrated on an as need basis.

The final topic for the classes is yet to be determined but will either be Lines and Rows or TEXT-ile. There is a brief description of each at the bottom of the email. the topic chosen is the jumping off point for opening exercises in the workshop. It by no means limits the work that you might want to do. Claire has a wonderful ability to work with each student independently and guide them to success.

Please let us know if you are interested in the class and pass on the information to anyone else who may be interested.

Lynda Williamson and Lorraine Ross are arranging for Claire’s visit. There is no formal affiliation with any group, the SDA included.  Whilst a church basement is not ideal, there are 3 large sinks available for use and each person will have a table. There will be risers provided to make sure that the table is at a good height for you.

TEXT-ile. A workshop for anyone interested in using letterforms, texts, graphics, numbers and graffiti in their work. Methods will include block printing , thermofax ad screen printing, writing with a variety of different tools, stencilling and mono printing.

LINES and ROWS The aim of this workshop is to focus the power of the repetitive mark, building lines and rows to create cloth that has rhythm and simplicity. Using a variety of simple tools, participants will - through repetition:
-explore the possibilities of each tool
-work with repetition to create things in a row, lines of marks and /or grid structures
-develop ideas for selecting a key mark and how to manipulate it
develop ideas for intentional pieces in terms of colour, value, format and size

If you have a strong preference for either topic, please let us know.

Lynda Williamson
Lorraine Ross

please send correspondence to

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