Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Welcoming 2015!!! Next meeting date

The first meeting of the new year will be Thursday January 15th at the Signal Hill Library - hmmmmm,  are we seeing a pattern here??

Please join us at 7:00 p.m. @ 5994 Signal Hill Centre SW. The focus of the meeting will be continuing education for artists and will feature member experiences with local and online/distance accredited courses. If you are taking or have taken classes and you wish to share, please let us know - there is still room for more presenters. Nothing too formal or onerous, promise!!!

By the time we meet, SDA (HQ) will have made some decisions as to future directions - I am hoping that clear plans will be forthcoming.  Of course, meeting time will be allotted for discussion.

As always, do bring some handwork and sharing is always encouraged! Given that the Library is within close proximity to a variety of coffee places, please bring your beverage of choice!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

As Winter Solstice approaches

I would imagine a lot of you are prepping for Christmas and holiday entertaining or family matters, so this post will be short!

If you are having difficulties with attaching sleeves to the back of your fibre art, here's a quick, clear and easy method. http://www.bluemoonriver.com/QuiltSleeve.pdf

Call for Entry:  http://www.fantasticfibers.theyeiser.org/ deadline is Feb 21/15

Inglewood Art Supplies has moved from Inglewood, and can now be found at 646 1 Ave NE, Calgary. They have a big sale happening right now until the end of December, with a lot of different offerings for various mediums and techniques.  http://www.inglewoodart.com/PDF/Nov2014c.pdf

Pantone's trend forecast for 2015's colour of the year is Marsala--and taking a lot of derision! Personally, as an artist who's art does decidedly *not* "match the sofa", i never bother with what is trendy!

Have a great Christmas, and see you all in January at the next meeting!

Monday, December 8, 2014

The bad news and the good news

This is all public now, so if you missed the email from Jeanne Beck, the discussion on the official SDA FB page or our Alberta SDA FB page, please read.


The original message, if you did not recieve it:

An Important Message from Jeanne Beck,
SDA President - December 2014

This urgent letter is going out to all members today to inform you of a serious situation of great concern for our future. It will invite you to help SDA surmount this challenge and create the organization we know we can become in this 21st century.

SDA's Fiscal Challenge is Immediate.

For 8 out of the past 10 years, SDA has tapped into its  savings to maintain our organization and publish the Journal. Slowly and gradually over a period of years our savings have decreased.

The 2013 San Antonio conference losses of $32,000 came out of our savings. Added to that, actual member revenues for 2014 are far below the 2014 budget projections. The 2014 budget was based on income projections from our database's listing of 4,200 members. However, inaccuracies in the database surfaced in 2014; these had accumulated over a number of years. When we discovered the problems, we fixed them, but that brought our real membership numbers to 3,200.

These membership numbers will create a major gulf between our organization's projected and actual income by the close of this year.

Even though we raised dues in 2014, with now reduced membership numbers, our income is inadequate to cover the decrease in revenues. We have been operating with extremely tight budgets over the past few years and now greater losses are projected for 2015.

So what do we do? We are choosing to aim for the biggest, boldest and best member-supported vote of confidence in SDA's history!

We Have A Vision for SDA's Future

We have so many great projects planned for the next two years! We are crafting an exciting vision of what SDA can accomplish during this time, starting with a viable and income generating conference model in 2015 with the Arrowmont Intensive and the launching of our first annual international member's exhibition in their large, beautiful gallery space. And there is more to come, from digitizing the Journal so every person can find and read about textile arts on their handheld devices, to building a marketplace chock full of member products, podcasts and e-Books. We are also working on securing new exhibition opportunities annually. We're looking at producing a biennial juried print catalog to showcase the newest and most exciting work in the field. 

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Edge of the Forest--Diane Duncan

Diane's submission to 'Edge of the Forest': "Exploring Perimeters, Look Up, Way Up!" was inspired by travels through the northern and western perimeters of Canada and the forests that abound there. It has evolved into a diptych and will be reunited with the companion piece at the end of this exhibition.

Above, the submitted and accepted piece. Below, the diptych. Seeing these in person at the last meeting was a real treat! The illusion of depth and dimension Diane has created with her treatment of the tyvek (foreground trees), and the background stitching is just amazing.
Diane also has a spot on the SDA members listings page here on the blog.

We would like to showcase all members who were accepted into this prestigious exhibit, so please send the photos, and a brief explanation--and a bio and headshot so we can also add you to the members page :)

Monday, December 1, 2014

Desert Island Meeting

Highlights of the meeting included the results of the AB SDA Survey, organizational plans and ideas for future meetings (see separate post). Thanks to everyone who contributed to our list of books that we would want to take with us if ever marooned on a desert island.  More likely to get caught in a snow drift than on a sandy beach :)    Most of us could not limit our favourites to just one title - sooo many books, so little time!

In addition to book talk we discussed the idea of 'hosting' an additional venue for the Canadian SDA travelling exhibition: "Edge of the Forest". With 9 Albertans exhibiting it would be great to see it come out west.  Arlee Barr is going to be sussing out possible venues. Send space suggestions her way.

We love workshops!  Lynda Williamson is going to do a bit of sleuthing to see who might be available to teach and when. She will be making a list and checking it twice :)  If there is an artist-instructor that you would like to see teach a workshop for SDA, please get in touch with Lynda.

And now, the books! Remember too that if you buy through the SDA affiliate link, a small portion goes to support our association!

Allen, Jeanne, and Ikuyoshi Shibukawa. Designer's Guide to Color 3. San Francisco: Chronicle, 1986. Fresh ideas of colour combinations.

Cardon, Dominique. Natural Dyes: Sources, Tradition, Technology and Science. London: Archetype, 2007.

Festival of Quilts, Birmingham. August 2014. European Art Quilt Foundation. Catalogue VIII and accompanying DVD.

Grey, Maggie, and Valerie Campbell-Harding. Stitch, Dissolve, Distort with Machine Embroidery. London: Batsford, 2006.

Hall, Isobel. Bags with Paper and Stitch. Loveland, CO: Interweave, 2007.

Holmes, Cas. The Found Object in Textile Art. Loveland, CO: Interweave, 2010. Everyone collects and saves. A wonderful book of a myriad of ideas. Of note is her use of papers in work.

Holmes, Val. Creative Recycling in Embroidery: Add Texture, Meaning and Individuality to Your Work. London: Batsford, 2006.

Impey, Sara. Text in Textile Art, London: Batsford, 2014

James, Rosie. Stitch Draw. London: Batsford, 2014.

Kemshall, Linda, and Laura Kemshall. The Painted Quilt. Cincinnati, OH: David & Charles, 2007.  Inspiration and where to go with it!

Lawrence, Sarah. Stitch, Cloth, Shimmer & Shine. Tunbridge Wells, Kent: Search, 2012.  Mixed media to the max!! Lots of metal work.

Meech, Sandra. Connecting Design to Stitch. Lafayette, CA: C & T, 2012.

Nicholls, Catherine, Laura Kebshall, and Linda Kemshall. Thr3Fold: The Journal of Creative Vision  v. 1-5 (2007-2010). These inspiration packed journals feature the work and creativity of these 3 talented artists. DVD included with each. Sadly, the last issue was no. 5.

Richards, Lynne, and Ronald Tyrl J. Dyes from American Native Plants: A Practical Guide. Portland, OR: Timber, 2005. For those that love the science behind the colour!

Skinner, Quentin D. A Field Guide to Wyoming Grasses. Cumming, GA: Education Resources, 2010.

Smith, Sheila. Felt Fabric Designs: A Sourcebook for Feltmakers. Anova, 2013.

Springall, Diana. Inspired to Stitch: 21 Textile Artists. London: A. & C. Black, 2005.

Stoddard, Alexandra. Alexandra Stoddard's Book of Color. New York: Doubleday, 1989.

Testa, Melanie. Inspired to Quilt: Creative Experiments in Art Quilt Imagery. Loveland, CO: Interweave, 2009.

Von Hagen, Dr. Gunther. Body Worlds: The Original Exhibition of Real Human Bodies (Catalog). Arts and Sciences, 2005. This title has application to all aspects of art.