Friday, August 30, 2013

Next meeting Sept 19--heads up ! and exhibition from Contextural

Also on our radar, an exhibition of residency work by Contextural, a Calgary fibre arts co-operative, some of whom are also SDA members:

Thursday, August 29, 2013

"Creative Stitches" show tickets now available

This may not be everyone's cup of tea/coffee/wine/lager, but the vendors alone are usually worth the trip. Most of the vendors too are either Canadian or Canadian affiliate companies with great specials on threads and fabrics, should your desire run to commercial products. I do hope that Copperfield Books will be there as that's where i drool and shop the most!

As usual, the show will be in Edmonton first, and then in Calgary.

Fully half of the show is "scrapbooking" related, but even there, one can find interesting doodads and fibres to incorporate into work or inspire new explorations.

Tickets can be pre-ordered here for Calgary and here for Edmonton, and are savable as a PDF on your desktop for printing as the show nears.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Help the children at River Valley school bring back the heart to their school post Calgary summer floods

I wonder how you all are getting on this summer.  I hope it has been a good one for you.  Unfortunately it hasn't been kind to everyone.  There are many children whose homes and schools have been badly affected by the flooding in Alberta this summer and recovery is still going on.

The elementary school I work with (doing fibre art) was completely flooded at basement and some of ground floor levels. The school is River Valley School in NW Calgary, which provides some wonderful children with Montessori and Standard stream education from Kindergarten to Grade 6. These children have lost much of the heart of their school but the staff and board are determined to bring back the buzz to the school. Damage was horrific with the loss of materials for the Montessori and other classrooms that were in the basement, and damage to upper level classrooms.

I have been asked, and am very happy to help with some fundraising in September. The students will be working with me making felted panels in September that will be up for sale at a fundraising event to benefit their school, later in September.

My request to you is this...
If you can donate any amounts of roving or carded wool or even bits of shear fabrics and other fibres that the students can incorporate into their felt works please let me know so that I can collect it from you, or send it urgently to me (Karin Millson).  Any donation is welcome to reach me by end August for the classes in early September, just a few threads and fibres popped into an envelope will help this great cause.

Your help will be truly appreciated by  the teachers, the school and I - but mostly the children.
And I know that fibre folks rally round when the going gets tough...

Your friend,
Karin (call me if you have any concerns)
Please share this with any fibre friends you know who might be sympathetic to this cause.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Articlulation exhibition announcement

ARTICULATED MATERIALS: BRIDGING WATERS   - a touring, trans-continental, fibre arts exhibition 

Articulation, a Canadian exhibiting art group working with textiles and fibre as a fine art medium, takes traditional fiber art techniques in new and contemporary directions. Since 2004 they have organised annual study sessions to unique places in Canada, which serve to unify the resulting individual bodies of work when shown in their group exhibitions across Canada.

A recent study of the Bay of Fundy coastline has generated a new path for Articulation leading to exhibiting internationally with another contemporary fiber arts group, Material Girls, based in London, England, who were inspired by their iconic River Thames. The resulting combined body of work,  ARTICULATED MATERIALS: BRIDGING WATERS, consists of one 2D artwork each from ten Material Girls members and ten Articulation members. In addition, each group will have available more works to include in the exhibition while it is touring their respective country.

After a successful 2012 London tour, the exhibition is travelling across Canada in 2013. The first showing was in Winnipeg earlier this year with the second to be in the Tulista Community Art Gallery, Sidney, Vancouver Island, from September 1st to 14th, open daily from 10 am to 4 pm.

A studio will be set up in the gallery where Articulation artists will be working while the exhibition is open.

Note:  Articulation includes several local (Alberta) members of SDA

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sad Soucie move

The Sans Soucie studio is moving to the USA.  To Atlanta, Georgia to be exact. 

Two weeks from today, I will be departing for Atlanta and will be the visiting lecturer in Textiles at the Welch School of Art at Georgia State University.

This opportunity presented itself in the last week and I was invited to be the visiting lecturer for the next year with the option to renew for another three. 
The most appealing aspect about this offer is that I will have an opportunity to work with hosiery mills in the area. Given that it has become a challenge to work with mills here in Canada, this is exactly what was needed in order to allow for this work and process to grow. 

It was a difficult decision to make to relocate but it has become quite clear that this is the right path for me and this work to take.  This is not to say I will not return. In fact, my goal is to open a textile mill as I strongly believe in bringing textile production back to Canada.  I fully support the reshoring of garment production, however, I am seeing very little movement in the reshoring of textile production.  Between the states of North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia there are dozens of mills still in production, knitting and weaving.  Needless to say, this is an opportunity for creative exploration, learning and growth. 

With that being said, I will be hosting a studio event on August 16th 5-10pm and on August 17th 12-6pm. 1889 Powell St. ( near Victoria Dr.)

For those of you in Vancouver, this will be a chance to say good bye in person. We welcome you to join us and share a story about your Sans Soucie garment.  This will be your last chance to pick up a piece of Canadian made Sans Soucie for some time.  I will be bringing all my Canadian produced waste to the US and work will be available online for purchase during this transition. 

For those who are not in Vancouver, starting on Monday August 12-20th we will be posting work for sale on our etsy site for purchase.

We will have new work at full retail pricing, unheard of deals and many things available at wholesale prices!

If anyone would like to book an appointment that is unable to attend out event next weekend please email or call the studio 604.428.2808

Thank you to everyone in the last 10 years that have supported the development of this work.  Many great achievements were attained through your support.

I look forward to hearing from you and seeing you! Please share and invite your friends!


Katherine Soucie

Sans Soucie
clothing and textile design inc.